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Our Chairman

Our Chairman, Mr. Frederic C. Sipe, has a wealth of Private Club, not for profit and business experience.  A City Club and Country Club Member for over 30 years, he has served as Chairman, Director, Treasurer, Vice President, President and Consultant to private foundations, not for profits, major fundraising efforts, and Private Clubs.  He has extensive experience in identifying and resolving management, membership and service issues, as well as financial matters, long range planning, renovation, construction, marketing, food service and crisis management.

Mr. Sipe provides a congenial, constructive and respectful approach to identifying and addressing the important challenges facing each Private Club.  He is prepared to engage and assist the Board and Members of Your Private Club in the stewardship of their treasured Club when it is their turn to provide its leadership.

Our Systems and Personnel

Extensive experience establishes that Private Club Members and Guests usually will not voice their disappointments to Club personnel, or in response to Club generated surveys.  But they will repeatedly do so to their friends and acquaintances, thereby eroding the image of the Club and the value of Club Membership.

ClubExcellence utilizes highly sophisticated but user friendly systems residing in the internet cloud to rapidly gather specific and in depth information about the issues facing your Private Club from all of its users. Members and Guests appreciate being asked for their opinions, and being able to express them anonymously to ClubExcellence.

Once statistically significant samples have been gathered, a coherent picture of the issues facing your Private Club, and the priority of each issue, will emerge.  We work with Club leaders to reveal and act upon this crucial information. This minimizes guess work in decision making and allows Club leadership to focus upon the most significant issues.

Our ClubExcellence personnel will quickly process and present this information, and then work with Club leadership to formulate and act upon solutions.  In addition, ongoing reports of Member and Guest satisfaction will be continuously gathered and forwarded to Club leadership in real time. 

In other words, if a problem is reported to us tonight, Club leadership will receive that report tonight via a method of their choice. This permits Club Leaders to be confidant and constantly aware of the current status of Club operations.

ClubExcellence also provides in depth staff training to overcome operational issues, followed by refresher training to maintain service quality and avoid future issues.  ClubExcellence can also provide detailed and targeted feedback from visits by its Professional Service Evaluators.

On site Crisis Management and Consulting Services are also available within a rapid response time frame to address the difficult and immediate problems that sometimes arise. 

Please Contact ClubExcellence Now to Begin Forging a Path to Success for Your Private Club Through Knowledge and Timely Information.


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