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ClubExcellence will custom design Your ClubExcellence program to identify and address the specific challenges facing Your unique Private Club.  We avoid the simplistic, recycled programs used by others and understand that Your Club and Your Members need and deserve informed, dynamic and insightful assistance.

We utilize our information gathering systems and our extensive prior research and experience to understand Your Guests and Your existing and target Members, and to anticipate their expectations, needs and desires.

ClubExcellence has a variety of specialized tools available to quantify Member and Guest satisfaction and to monitor the delivery of Club services.  We use our tools to ascertain the qualities needed to successfully service and satisfy Your Club Membership, and to appeal to Your prospective Members and those Guests planning important weddings and events. Our findings will be reported to You in a detailed and graphic report.

Then, we will assist Your Club Leadership in creating unique Member Service Standards for your Club, and in delivering exactly what Your Members and Guests want!

ClubExcellence also goes far beyond Member satisfaction issues by providing the following strategic Services to Club Management:

MEMBER RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION PROGRAMS.  ClubExcellence provides analysis, structuring and implementation of Membership Recruitment and Retention Programs to increase the perceived value of Club Membership, promote Membership desirability and instill Member loyalty. 

ANNUAL AUDITING AND UPDATE OF MEMBER SERVICE STANDARDS.  After Your unique Member Service Standards have been created and implemented, we will conduct an annual visit to gather additional Member feedback and to review, analyze, update, and revise Your Member Service Standards.

IN DEPTH AND RECURRANT STAFF TRAINING.  ClubExcellence provides video and on site Staff Training by its experienced team of coaches.  Our Initial Staff Training and our Training for New Hires cover operational issues, Your Member Service Standards, interpersonal skills and much more.  This is followed by Annual Recurrant Training to reinforce Your Member Service Standards, maintain Member satisfaction and avoid future issues. 

VIDEO, AUDIO AND WRITTEN SERVICE EVALUATIONS.  We provide detailed and targeted written, audio and video feedback from in person visits to Your Club by our Professional Service Evaluators.  Your Evaluations, Video and Audio will be promptly and confidentially delivered to You and will be available 24/7 to Your designated personnel through our secure web site.

TARGETED DATA GATHERING THROUGH OUR PROSURVEY PROGRAM.  By working with its thousands of Professional Service Evaluators, ClubExcellence offers Your Private Club the capability to quickly and inexpensively Survey a representative and statistically significant sampling of Your target groups of Members.  You may gather general data regarding Your target Membership groups, or specific data regarding Your Club's proposals, issues and questions.  Because Your data is gathered through our secure web based facilities, Survey creation, response rates and completion are greatly accelerated, and the costs and time required are greatly reduced.  Also, Your Surveys may be specifically targeted for any desired Member attributes. 

LONG RANGE PLANNING.  ClubExcellence can create or continue Your Long Range Planning process by identifying and working with all Club stakeholders, evaluating their input, facilitating Your Long Range Planning meetings, and producing detailed Long Range Plans with defined objectives.

CONSULTING SERVICES.  ClubExcellence offers on site Consulting Services by experienced Private Club veterans to deal with a wide variety of Club challenges.  Our Consulting Services can help to resolve issues outside the knowledge of management, as well as conflicting visions of how to secure the future of Your Club.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT.  Crisis Management should be implemented immediately whenever a crisis situation occurs or becomes known.  Our on site Crisis Management Services are available within a rapid response time frame.  We are prepared to help You address the difficult and immediate problems that are part of any crisis situation.  And, the cost of our Crisis Management Services may be covered by your insurance policies.

Our Services Are Designed to Help Your Private Club Thrive by Ensuring That All Your Members and Guests Receive an Outstanding and Memorable Club Experience, and by Assisting You in Resolving Your Operational Issues!


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